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Articles and blog posts about Shake Rag Alley and Mineral Point

About Shake Rag Alley:

Shake Rag Alley at Mineral Point; Maureen Carlson Facebook, October 2016

Report from the Driftless; Frying the Onion, November 2015

Remarkable Transformation of the Lind Pavilion; High Street Beat, September 2015

Shake Rag Alley School of Arts & Crafts; The Uplands of Southwest Wisconsin

4 Crafty Weekend Getaways; Midwest Living, Nov 2013

Art Schools in Wisconsin; Travel Wisconsin, May 2013

On Shake Rag Alley, Wisconsin: Interview with artist Judith SutcliffePraeterita; May, 2010

On Shake Rag Alley, Wisconsin: Interview with artist Judith Sutcliffe (2)Praeterita; May, 2010

Getting Creative with Shake Rag Alley School of Arts & CraftsWisconsin Academy of Science Arts & Letters

About Shake Rag AlleySharon Stauffer blog (photos of Shake Rag Alley grounds)

Shake Rag Alley, Mineral Point Wisconsin; Bliss Ranch blog, May 2013

Shake Rag Alley, Mineral Pt, WI; Boyett Bandwagon; May 27, 2012

5 Great Ideas for Your Girls’ Vacation to Wisconsin!; Girl Getaways; January 21, 2012

About Shake Rag Alley Workshops, Events, Instructors:

Rockton woman aspires to help others embrace their creativity (Sherry Viktora), Beloit Daily News, Nov 2016

Playing With Fire, High Street Beat, November 2015

Shake Rag Alley Tatting Class, Yarnplayer (Marilee Rockley blog), May 2015

Blacksmithing for Garden and Home Taught by Bob Tuftee, Trip Advisor, June 2014

Home from Shake Rag Alley; Anita White (rug hooking instructor), September 2013; also Shake Rag Alley Continued and More From Shake Rag Alley

The Story of the Woodlanders Gathering; High Street Beat, July 2013

How it went at Shake Rag AlleyYarnplayer blog (Marilee Rockley, shuttle tatting instructor), July 2013

Mosaic Madness is Real; High Street Beat, June 2013

Conversation One Twig at a TimeView From the Lighthouse: The Lands' End blog, May 2013

Sweet ArtHigh Street Beat (article about Sweetheart Art Card Sale), January 26, 2013

Winter Writers; High Street Beat, January 22, 2013

Shake Rag Alley's Family Festival; High Street Beat; August 14, 2012

Pictures From Shake Rag Alley Classes; Praeterita; August 12, 2012

Another Great Weekend at Shake Rag Alley School of Arts and CraftsMiniature Rustic Twig Furniture; July 20, 2012

Woodlanders Gathering in artsy Mineral Point
Roads Traveled; June 16, 2012

The Road to Mineral Point; Judy Coates-Perez (fiber mixed -media instructor); April 26, 2012

Embossing Metal at Shake Rag Alley; Judy Coates-Perez (fiber mixed media instructor); April 27, 2012

Workshop Results (Carol Simmons workshop); Cynthia Blanton Studio; October, 2011

Level Two Oil and Wax Workshop; Rebecca Crowell (oil and wax instructor), August 27, 2011

On Writing Away - Choosing a Writers' Workshop RetreatPatricia Ann McNair; June 9, 2011

Shake Rag Alley
Rebekah Meier (fiber mixed media instructor); May 30, 2011

Metal Fabrications Class at Shake Rag Alley; Kay Rashka (jewelry instructor); April 17, 2011

Home From Wisconsin; Anita White (rug hooking instructor); September 19, 2010

Slinging cement in Mineral PointMidwest Weekends; February 23, 2010

About Alley Stage:

Mark Croft at Shake Rag Alley, TripleM105.5fm, July 2013

Watch This Trailer (for Alley Stage production of Who's Afraid of Virginai Woolf); High Street Beat, June 2013 

Ensorcelled; High Street Beat (article about Alley Stage), September 17, 2012

Picasso and Einstein argue at Mineral Point's reborn Alley Stage; 77 Square; August 11, 2012

Shake Rag Alley, Alley Stage, Mineral Point, WisconsinSuite 101; July 1, 2010

About Mineral Point:

Drift to Mineral Point; Cedar Rapids Gazette, May 2015

Beauty in Mineral PointMidwest Weekends

Mineral Point, Wisconsin: Figgyhobbin and the Arts; The New York Times, July 2014 

Brewery Creek Inn is a cozy, historical B&B; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 2014

Winter in Mineral Point; Kathleen Ernst Sites and Stories Blog, February 2014

Best of the Best: “The Best Historic Town in Wisconsin”; Morgan County Citizen, October 2013

5 Midwestern Small Towns to Visit Now; Fodor's, August 2013

Destination: Mineral Point; Isthmus: The Daily Page (Madison WI), May 2013

Beauty in Mineral Point; Midwest Weekends, March 2013

Here are Five Summer Vacations for Chicago's Culture Lovers;, June 2013

The Brit List: The 10 Most British Towns in America; BBC America, September 2012

Mineral Point 2 - Shake Rag Alley and Pendarvis; Adventures in Travel, June 2013

A Trip to Mineral Point, Wisconsin; Something for (almost) Nothing blog, June 2013

An April Afternoon in Mineral Point; The Cookery Maven blog, May 2013

Cutting, Cutting, Cutting; Erin Nolan (mid-post see report on visit to Mineral Point and Shake Rag Alley), November 1, 2011

Artists really dig Mineral PointMilwaukee Journal; December 25, 2010

Mineral Point: Where Wisconsin Began; Travel Wisconsin, July 2010

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