Monday, March 14, 2016

Women's Art Party - Arts and Crafts and So Much More

On the third Wednesday evening of every month, women gather in Shake Rag Alley’s Ellery House for Women’s Art Party.

Diane Sterba and Pat Snyder

They come to work on the art/craft project of the month. 

Or not. 

You can always bring your own project, whatever you’re working on…or just drop in to enjoy the good company and stay as long as you can. 

Women’s Art Party started back in 2006 as a two day retreat called Women’s Journey led by Diane Sterba who was Shake Rag Alley’s Youth Director at the time and an inspirational workshop instructor for adults as well as children. The women who attended had such a great experience that they just kept going. And it’s been going ever since. 

At some point along the way (can’t remember when) the name was changed to Women’s Art Party (WAP), but the spirit of sharing and camaraderie has remained unchanged.

Diane Sterba continued to lead WAP until she retired from Shake Rag Alley at the end of 2014. Now former teacher Pat Snyder brings her special warmth and energy to the WAP program, planning the monthly projects. Or sometimes an attendee will volunteer to share a project of special interest to them. 

This coming Wednesday, March 16th, the project will be “Box of Happiness”.

Decorate a box and fill it with odds and ends, affirmations, and goodies to bring happiness to yourself or a friend.

Bring a sturdy box, about the size of a 1 pound candy or a cigar box. (If you are ambitious and have lots of items, a shoe or photo box is larger and sturdy). Pat will have some boxes you can purchase for cost ($0-$2).

Suggestions for items you may want to collect to use/ trade/ share:
small wrapped candy,
photographs to glue to your box or put inside,
charms and beads,
funny little doodads/ party favors,
a couple pieces of card stock,
decorative papers,
crystals and/or rocks,
favorite quotes.

Be creative!

And not to be overlooked - you will also have access to the legendary treasure trove of supplies in the Ellery House back room!

Women's Art Party
Ellery House, SRA Center for the Arts
Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 5:00-8:30 pm

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