Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Tip - Wire Heart Pendants

Valentine's Day is coming right up. How about making a heart pendant as a Valentine gift for your special someone? Here are some pointers and design tips from wire working devotee and Shake Rag instructor, Cheryl Smeja.

Wire heart pendants usually have two hemispheres at the top so there are a variety of ways of hanging them, depending on how you want the pendant to hang. If you don't mind it slipping around, then all you need is a jump ring or bail. If you do want to control the way it hangs, then there are some other solutions.

The heart at the left hangs from a jump ring that is caught between the swirl and the outer edge. I made it somewhat asymmetrical because it will still hand a bit to one side. 

The center heart has a hanger that catches both hemispheres to hang evenly from the bail, and the right heart has a jump ring wired between the two hemispheres, which accepts another jump ring. 

The right heart also has a loop incorporated in the design at the bottom ready for further embellishments if desired.

A hanger can also be incorporated into the design. The heart on the left uses a switch back from one side and puts a vertical stem between the hemispheres to end in a loop. The heart on the right doubles one hemisphere so the wire can circle around to the top, and then bend up to create a top loop. This one uses a swirl, but you could also make it straight to the tip of the heart.

Another approach is to start with a loop at the top, and create the heart with wires ending at the bottom. You could connect the wires at the bottom somehow, or leave them separate ending in swirls or hammered ends. 

These are just frameworks for heart pendants. You can vary the thickness and shape of the wire, add texture to the wire, and embellish with wire weaving and beads for unique heart pendants for Valentine gifts.

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Happy Crafting!

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