Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Tip - Printing Photos and Digital Art on Fabric

Printing photos and digital art on fabric is great for folks who want to make art quilts or fashion and home accessories. You can buy pre-treated fabric, or treat your own fabric to accept ink from your ink-jet printer. Here is a good video from Nancy's Notions in nearby Beaver Dam, WI. The down side of printing with your home printer, is that you are limited to the width of your printer, and subject to all the glitches that can occur while printing. The easiest printers to use are those with a "straight line" paper feed, where the paper goes in the top and travels through the printer and out the bottom. Most Epson printers do this. On the left is an 8" x 8" altered photo project I printed on my Epson printer and then quilted.

If you want a larger print, or you are just tired of fighting with your printer, you can upload your print to a company on-line to be printed on a variety of fabrics. I have enjoyed uploading digital files to a company called Spoonflower, and having them print me a "fat quarter". A fat quarter is 18" tall, by half the total width of the fabric which ranges from 42" to 56" total width depending on the fabric. The quilted project pictured below was a fat quarter printed on their least expensive cotton which cost me $9.45 plus shipping. A little "pricy" for yardage, but not bad for wall art!

Submitted by Cheryl Smeja

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