Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Tip - Fabric Stretching Frame

We have had several classes at Shake Rag Alley in Silk Painting and Batik where a stretcher frame for cloth was needed. Here is an inexpensive DIY model that will keep the cloth stretched when wet and that can be broken down easily for storage.

This ingenious design was developed by the ever-inventive Cheryl Smeja and published in the Shake Rag Alley email Workshop News a few months ago.

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Cheryl Smeja has been a central figure in the fabric of Shake Rag Alley from the beginning – as web master, instructor, photo editor, techie guru, curriculum developer, visiting instructor hostess and so much more. One of the original board members who built the organization, now board member emeritus, Cheryl continues to serve on a volunteer basis. 

Wet formed leather sculpture by Cheryl Smeja

Nationally known for her pioneering work in wet-formed leather sculpture, for over 25 years Cheryl sold her formed leather masks, wall hangings, jewelry, pots and more at art fairs and from her Mineral Point gallery/shop.

But Cheryl’s talents extend to many other art and craft disciplines in addition to her professional work as a leather artist, including needle felting, wire jewelry, polymer clay, paper making, and Photoshop image manipulation. And she loves to share her expertise in all of these areas.

Come and take a class with Cheryl this fall:

Create great designs with Cheryl’s collection of copper stamps for Batik from Bali!

Needle Felting Images, October 5 
Needle felting is just so much fun - bring your own photo for reference.

Leather Cases, November 16 
Learn about working with leather from one of the nation’s foremost experts.

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