Sunday, March 17, 2013

Quonset Hut in Use As Is...But Exciting Plans Ahead!

First Workshop in Quonset Hut!

Shake Rag Alley's newly acquired Quonset Hut may be a tad on the funky side right now and scheduled for some much needed renovation, but that hasn't stopped us from utilizing this wonderful new space just as is.

In January the 2013 Alley Stage season auditions were held there. Then just last weekend we took advantage of the Hut's roominess to hold a full-to-capacity Mixed Media Paint Layering Workshop in the semi-finished front half of the building.

Quonset Hut Redesign

It was glorious to spread out in so much space and we loved it. But there are plans on the horizon for bigger and better things, and we can't wait!

The design committee has been working diligently with architectural designer Amber Westerman to come up with a functional and flexible redesign of the space that will serve a multitude of Shake Rag needs. We've also gotten input from architects Michael DesBarres and Floyd Hamblen from the faculty at Taliesin School of Architecture who provided the existing building elevation drawing shown here.

Design plans are ongoing but the main focus is on creating:

  • A large multi-function room that can double as a classroom, and Alley Stage rehearsal/performance space, and as a large meeting room,
  • A large "messy" classroom for crafts such as mosaic and cement, that can also be used for set building and as work space for site maintenance building projects,
  • Much needed storage space including space for Alley Stage sets and costumes.
And many more ideas including a catwalk, attractive exterior treatment and landscaping.

Quonset Hut Open House
Friday, April 12, 6–9pm 

Join us for an Open House on Friday evening of the Mineral Point Garage Sale Weekend to see what all the excitement is about. 

Tour the building to see the "before", have a look at our working drawings and floor plans to see where we're headed, and enjoy light refreshments. And if you're inspired, peruse our wish list of "things-we-need" and join us in making it all happen!

Here's a sneak peek at what the Quonset Hut looks like now. You'll have to come to the Open House to find out how we plan to transform it!

Front area is semi-finished
(where the main multi-function room will be)

Back area, not so much
(will become the "messy" room)

For background on the purchase of the Quonset Hut, see our previous post in September. 

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