Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meet Phoebe Baker, Shake Rag's New Writing Intern

Shake Rag has been very fortunate to have had some wonderfully talented interns from UW-Platteville working with us this year. We recently welcomed our newest intern, Phoebe Baker.

Phoebe returned to school after 8 years in the Navy and is now a senior studying philosophy and professional writing. Her internship objective is to gain exposure to a wide range of writing experiences. During her time at Shake Rag she will be doing interviews, writing stories on the Winter Writers Series, developing a writing database of freelance writers, submitting articles on Shake Rag Alley to the media, and working on historical pieces to incorporate into a "chat book."

You can find Phoebe ensconced at Shake Rag Alley Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings through the end of January...stop by and say hi!

Phoebe shared this delightful piece about starting her new job at Shake Rag Alley...enjoy!

The Frustration of Work: Phoebe Baker, Technical Writing Intern 10/29/2012

You’ve gotten past the initial rush of having your own office. You’ve been asked to do important things like compile databases (lists) of freelance writers and conduct interviews with area residents (are there non-area residents?) and staff. And you know the staff here is not like any other staff, and not like any other staph. The people who work here love this place: like a mother loves her unlimited potential, her wild, raw talent that, leaving her body, becomes her children.

You’ve experienced the awe and the aura and felt safe here; nourished. Now comes the difficult task of production flow: keeping goals, and, oh wait! Making them. Deadlines loom, warp and weft outstretched and suddenly you begin to fear that you just can’t cut the cheddar. (In Wisconsin this is a Big Deal.)

Do you give up and hide? At home I have blocks and balustrades of laundry, dishes, e-mail and Netflix. Here, in this place of simultaneous artistic legacy and brand spanking newness, I have resolved not to stray onto paths of self-indulgence. I’ve got work to do!

Now, the low tide of inertia has worn off (also, today happens to be a Monday) and I have to find ways to stay focused, productive and useful. Isn’t that what needs to happen in any relationship? Shake Rag Alley doesn’t know me well enough yet to love me solely for my personality. But it will, it will.

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