Thursday, July 19, 2012

11th Annual Woodlanders Rustic Art Event

This summer's intense heat and drought didn't deter the 100+ nature-loving folks who gathered for the 11th annual Woodlanders Rustic Arts and Nature Crafts event held last weekend. (We did manage to move most of the classes into air conditioned comfort though.)

Four days packed with some 50 or more workshops in everything from rustic furniture, woodcarving, fish printing, concrete garden art, broom making, and shaker boxes to tatting, soap making, junk yard art dogs and more. 

Everybody's favorite evening activity has to be the Saturday evening Rustic Mini-Boat Launch and Bonfire at John and Jennifer Sharp's amazing hand-built home.

No bonfire this year due to the drought but the boat race down the stream was still on. And the winner was scholarship student Courtney with her incredibly inventive boat made with a Cracker Jacks snack pack, some glue and a feather!

Photos from just some of the workshops:

Completed Bent Willow Trellises on the Green
Faux Bois Planter workshop held under tents
in front of the Cabinet Shop

Walt Wessendorf  gives Carter some pointers on
carving a Spirit Walking Stick

Forming the sides of a Shaker Box

Carving a Lynx Footstool
Broom Making with Little John

Di and her Child's Bent Willow Chair 

Yummy soaps in Linda Conroy's
Goat Milk Soap workshop
Needle Tatting instructor Ann Ristow enjoys some
relaxing time on the Shake Rag grounds

A gorgeous Pine Needle Cracker Basket

Every day there were blacksmithing and welding classes
at the forges under the barn overhang

These rustic-plus-found-object
dog sculptures were a hoot! 

And last, but hardly least, had to show you a photo of a perennial highlight of Woodlanders...the Haiku tree. That, and another key aspect of Woodlanders...the dinner bell. Woodlanders is workshops, but it is also all about the communal meals and sense of camaraderie that everyone shares. A great event and one of our favorite times of the year.

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