Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer at Shake Rag Alley - Something for Everyone

A sneak peak of some beautiful flowers
on the grounds in the summer.

It’s a quiet day here at Shake Rag Alley; the only sounds outside are those of the chirping birds and a distant lawn mower. It won’t stay quiet for long though! 

June is packed with all different kinds of activities (as you can tell from the weekly schedule in the right-hand column!). 

From the start of our busy Youth Summer Program to the second weekend of Alley Stage's Summer Season production of "ART" (Thur-Sat, the 14th-16th) to the list of great summer classes for adults and special events like the Garden Tour and four days of Woodlanders Nature Crafts in July, we’ve got something going on almost every day. 

So start off a great summer with a great event! Below is a list of programs and links to the page so you can browse the event lists and find one that fits for you or your children. 

Adult Programs and Special Events:

Hope to see you out and about this summer. Feel free to stop in, say hi, and take a self-guided tour of our beautiful grounds.

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