Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Phenomenal Woman Retreat

The 2012 workshop season got off to a grand start last weekend with Phenomenal Woman - a Winter Retreat for Women. Patterned after Maya Angelou’s poem, Phenomenal Woman, and led by the ever-inspiring Diane Sterba, the retreat offered women a weekend to share the cozy environment of Shake Rag Alley while exploring arty ways of getting back in touch with their "phenomenal" selves...those parts of themselves that may have been lost along the way.

They painted and embellished papier mache masks to reveal all those hidden parts of themselves...all those feelings we so often "mask".

To respond to what their inner selves were trying to tell them, they created phenomenal woman assemblages from Di's incredible backroom stash. (If you've seen the back room, you know what a treasure trove of "stuff" that is. Just to be invited to play there is a treat in and of itself!)

In a relaxing evening session they drew some fantastic "zendoodle" women (not exactly Zentangles, but sort of in the same vein).

And, of course, they laughed, chatted and shared, spent time exploring galleries and shops in Mineral Point, and dined in the Mineral Point restaurants. They departed on Sunday after enjoying a continental breakfast at Shake Rag...renewed, refreshed, and feeling very "artful". What a great way to spend an otherwise dreary winter weekend!

See our Photo Gallery for more pictures of the weekend...and more great masks.

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