Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Tip - Homemade Stamps

Stamp made with puzzle pieces
I do a lot of stamping in making my collage papers. I prefer large stamps with bold patterns which can be hard to find in commercial stamps...and rather pricey. So I like to make my own stamps by adhering a design to a stiff backing block using double sided carpet tape.

Giving credit where credit is due, I got the idea to use double sided carpet tape some years ago from the "Stampin' Monday" posts that quilter and surface designer, Susan Purney Mark used to do on her blog.

The idea is totally simple:

  • Adhere double sided carpet tape (available at home improvement stores and hardware stores) to a wood block or other stiff surface such as thick foam core and peel away the backing.
  • Create a design using anything that is uniformly flat. I've used toothpicks, puzzle pieces, string, and shapes cut out of foam core, but there are lots of other possibilities. Lace might work nicely. Or craft foam shapes. Or washers. 
  • Stick your design elements onto the sticky carpet tape. But do be aware that you only get one chance to place things. This stuff is seriously sticky and you will NOT be able to pull things off to re-position them.

Then stamp away! 

Stamp design made with toothpicks

I'm always asked if the sticky carpet tape is an's not. I stamp with acrylic paint so it just gets covered with paint in the normal course of things. And no, I don't clean these stamps other than to wipe off the excess paint. If a stamp gets too globby I just make another!

Stamp made with squares cut from
foam core  and stamp design made from string.

Tip submitted by Sharon Stauffer


  1. This is awesome! It may be my new favorite thing. I've posted it on my Mark Making Pinterest Board here:

    1. Yep, we think this is pretty cool too... thanks for the re-post on Pinterest!


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