Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photoshop Elements Technique: Text Effect (Thursday Tips)

In today's Thursday Tip, Shake Rag's resident web-mother, Photoshop Elements wizard, and all-around multi-talented artisan,  Cheryl Smeja, shares some of her expertise. Cheryl teaches Photoshop Elements and Digital Arts classes at Shake Rag throughout the year. Sorry, no Fall 2011 digital art classes are scheduled at this time, but do check back later when our spring schedule is up (Shake Rag Digital Arts class listings). In the meantime, here's a fun little technique to play with.

From Cheryl -

Well it's time for me to organize all the summer vacation photos because before I know it, the Holiday photos will start! While putting together my album pages I started playing around with a text effect to make embossed titles for the pages of my album. I have recorded a couple of variations for you to try.
Text Embossed on Photo

Text Embossed on Photo

Embossed Text with Photo on Transparent Background

Embossed Text Added to Album Page

In the video I'm using Photoshop Elements 9, but the process will work with earlier versions and with Photoshop. You will have to look around a little to find the tools and panels since Adobe keeps re-arranging them, but they will all be there.

I'm assuming you have some experience with the program in this video. Let me know if I'm not giving you enough information, and I'll be happy to answer questions.

Cheryl Smeja

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