Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Tips - Create Mixed Media Website

Continuing on with our fascination with the wealth of information on the internet, this week's Thursday Tip is about what has recently become a favorite website, If you love mixed media (or any art media for that matter) you will find a lot to love at at Create Mixed Media.

They say their site is about "inspiration, ideas, and instruction" and that certainly is the case. You'll find artist profiles, tutorials, new art techniques, and fascinating articles that really speak to topics of interest to artists and crafters from How to do "Your Blog, Your Way", to What to do When You Have Too Much Stuff, to articles on where to get inspiration. is owned by F+W Media, Inc., publishers of North Light Books. The site’s editor and contributors are employees and authors of North Light Books as well as other mixed media artists and enthusiasts...wonderful writers such as Lesley Riley, Rice Freeman-Zachery, Jen Cushman, Seth Apter and others.
The inspiration, ideas, and instruction they share at no charge is truly impressive...well worth a visit.

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