Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beads and Bangles Weekend

The Beads and Bangles weekend in mid-May was a huge success. Classes were overflowing with enthusiastic jewelry students hammering copper, making beads and charms, braiding, fashioning pendants from gourd pieces, and more.

In all eight classes were held with extra sessions of Hammered Jewelry and PMC Charms added to the original schedule.

Things got started on Friday evening with a fun class making pins and pendants from gourds. Imagination was the watchword as students drew and painted their original designs on the smooth surface.

Beads and Bangles classes often highlight the great jewelry you can make from inexpensive materials, simple tools, and a little creativity. And Hammered Wire Jewelry is just such a class. Look at the wonderful earring design this student invented - no clips or ear wires or anything, just fits neatly in place around the ear.

Likewise, in the Handmade Bead Bracelet class, students made their own beads from humble materials such as paper, vinyl tubing, hardware store wire, and fabric scraps, then strung them on easy-to-use memory wire.

Saturday evening it was time for some laid-back crafting and fellowship. Cheryl Smeja led the crew in making Japanese braids while they enjoyed desserts and beverages.

The PMC Charm Making class with Kay Rashka was very popular - two full sessions! Students formed charms from soft, wet, pliable clay, textured them, and fired them with acetylene and butane torches. The result? Beautiful fine silver charms for necklaces and charm bracelets.

So now everyone had wonderful pins, charms, pendants and jewelry doodads. But how to put it all together into a wearable piece of jewelry? Deb Doaghue's Cold Connections class to the rescue with information on many cold connection techniques, but especially riveting, a widely used and versatile cold connection method.  Here's Deb demonstrating.
And here are Deb's students hard at work on their new-found skills.

Beads and Bangles is a great set of introductory jewelry classes and just a whole lot of fun. If you missed it, look for it on our schedule next May.

Or...check out the wide variety of jewelry classes on our schedule yet this year - lots of great classes for every skill level.

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